The 100: An Obsession

The 100.

CW’s hottest show right now.

And that isn’t just because Praimfaya.

I started watching this show about 2 years ago on Netflix. I am not much of a “regular” television watcher. I much prefer being able to get multiple episodes, one after another (see: BINGE WATCHING). There was already 2 seasons available on Netflix, so I figured I would be set. The style of show isn’t my normal “go-to”, I started watching per the recommendation of my best friends. I began watching this show, fully expecting not to like it.

I was wrong. So very wrong.

Just two episodes into the first season and I was already hooked. To be completely honest, it was probably more like one episode… Regardless, I was hooked!

The 100 has a post-nuclear Armageddon setting. The basic premise of the show is that a civilization of people (humans, former earth dwellers) live in space. There are a total of 12 international space stations. This group of people went into space because of the nuclear Armageddon that took place. Well, it’s three generations later and there are about 4,000 people that have survived. Supplies and resources begin to become sparse. So they are faced with making brash decisions to help their people survive. The leaders on the space station decide to send 100 of the space stations juvenile prisoners (aka, the trouble makers) down to the earth’s surface to see if it is livable. Basically, they figure the kids are already little punks, what have they got to lose?

That’s when the show gets interesting.

There’s love. There’s fighting. There’s drama.

It is a show that constantly keeps you on your toes.

I don’t want to spoil anything, because it is truly an amazing show to watch. The graphics, the story line, the character development…EVERYTHING!

Seriously. Season 4 just hit Netflix and I strongly suggest you watch it.

May we meet again.


Forgive and forget.

Let’s start with the second part of that statement..FORGET.. Apparently, that is what I am good at. Forgetting that I do have a blog. This poor thing has suffered immensely due to my lack of focus.. I need to schedule blog times in my planner, then it may actually get done. (Yes, I am a nerd that still uses a paper planner…I know that it’s 2015, but I LIKE IT!) Anyways…. On to the first part of the statement: FORGIVE
Forgiveness is the first step in really anything you do in life. Learning how to forgive someone is crucial in becoming a functioning member of society. Whether it is the man who cut you off in the coffee shop line or the jerk who doesn’t use a blinker during your morning commute.. FORGIVE THEM. I am a self-admitting road rager. I am the worst at holding my tongue while in the car. But to calm myself down, I just remember to forgive them, and they may be going through something that is far beyond what I’m going through.
The ability to forgive is an ability that not all possess. There are going to be times in life that you won’t want to be the bigger person, but you need to be. There is no need for all of the negative energy!
For a while, there has been a coworker who has driven me crazy. I’m talking, straight up rage when I would even hear the coworkers name. I was never mean to their face, but in private, oh Lord… Recently (I totally mean yesterday….) I told myself that I am going to start being nicer regarding this coworker. The coworker had never really done anything negative toward me, I just didn’t like that particular one. A mutual friend of both of ours actually let me know that this coworker has nothing but nice things to say about me. This made me feel like a real jerk-face. (Yeah, that’s a word…well it is now) I’ve finally realized that all the energy I had been putting into having a bad attitude about said coworker could have been focused into a project or my art.
New leaf.

I know..I know..

IT HAS BEEN FOUR MONTHS! I KNOW!!! I am working on it. Promise (:


  1. Promoted at work three times. (From NOCs to days and then from days to two different HC positions)
  2. Become familiar with a few local bars..(shouldn’t be exciting, but I have met some great people because of it)
  3. Lost some weight!! (not as much as I need to, but we all start somewhere!)

That is really all I can think of now.. But I swear there will be more.

Still single..duh. It is almost something that will never change. It’s alright though. I know God has a plan for me, and a relationship right now is not in that plan. (I get it..that is the cliche thing that single people say..but it is what I believe)

Recently, I’ve decided to start vlogging. For those of you who don’t know what vlogging is, it is when you record everyday occurrences in your life and post them on YouTube. Sounds lame, but it really is fun. I have all of ZERO subscribers right now, but I hope by the end of 2015 that BrandiPandi will be flourishing!!


But for now, that is all I have. I really need to get into this more!! I MISS IT!!


Goodness.. It has been a while

It has been FOREVER.
Okay, well maybe not forever, but a really long time..

I have been extremely busy with life. (Imagine that, switching to a day shift at work would cause me to become hella busy..) 

But anywho, life has been busy, but it has been exciting. I got a $1 raise at work. I got a new dog, well, new to me. 10250103_10201696022912243_7941584076408423512_n His name is Vinnie. He is 4..I think. I seriously love this dog so much. 
And even though life has been relatively exciting, there has been a few moments I wish didn’t happen.. Someone in my life has become very into “bad things” in life. We found out my aunt has stage 4 colon cancer..(That’s probably the worst news..) I’ve had a few things stolen from me. (No, not my heart either..) 

But in all, I can’t really complain. My life is great. I have a family that is amazing. I’ve got the best group of friends you could ask for. And I am in good health. 

Okay, that sounded braggy.. I promise that was not my intention..

Four years and it still stings

Four years ago today, I was on the phone with a friend coordinating outfits for an upcoming school trip. We were packing for the state basketball tournament that coming weekend and we wanted to make sure we looked good. Then my parents got a call on the house phone. I remember distinctly, my mother let out a loud cry and I heard the phone hit the floor. I ran downstairs to find my mom and dad scrambling for shoes and jackets with tears in their eyes. I asked what was wrong and they told me, “Uncle Terry collapsed. They rushed him to the emergency room. That’s all we know.” I dropped to my knees and felt the world stop. So as my parents headed to the hospital, I began to pray. I prayed harder than I ever had in my entire life. I stayed up waiting for an update. I ended up drifting to sleep And waking around 11:00 pm. I immediately called my mom and when I dad picked up, I knew something wasn’t okay. My dad said to me,”He’s gone, Pumpkin. They tried everything. His heart was just clogged.” I just cried and mumbled, “Okay. I love you. Bye.” And then I bawled. For hours.
The next few days were a blur.
And then the funeral came. I remember stopping outside the church and telling my mom I couldn’t go in. She, being the greatest mother in the entire world, told me to take my time and she would wait with me. (My Uncle Terry was my mom’s older brother. And the one who introduced her and my dad. So this hit her and my dad incredibly hard) After about five minutes of intense sobbing, I had the courage to enter the church. The first people I saw were my four sobbing cousins. My uncles sons. My cousins and I have always been very close. We were raised like siblings because our parents were best friends. So to see these tough boys sobbing, I broke down once again. I hugged Nicholas (second oldest) for what felt like forever. We just stood crying and hugging forever. When I saw Johnathon (third in line), it was bad. He was a mess. He had just lost his baby girl the year before and now his dad. Again, a forever hug. Then it was time for Matthew (the baby and two years older than me). We hugged longer than forever… Matthew and I have always been the closest because we are so close in age, so we are like best friends. I didn’t hug the oldest, Scotty, until later. He was in visiting his dad one last time.
Speaking of which, that isn’t something I did. I don’t deal well with seeing someone I love in a casket. It makes me go numb. (I know, tough right?)
So as the funeral and burial went on, copious amounts of Kleenex were passed around and many amazing words were said.
Four years later, it still stings. I remember it like yesterday. I still think I am going to wake up one day and he will be here. He was honestly the best uncle you could ever ask for. Always there when you needed anything and a great shoulder to cry on. I was his very first niece, so he and I had grown incredibly close in the 17 years I was blessed to know him. To this day, I want to call him up and talk to him. I still remember his phone number. And when I look at his sons, they all remind me of him so much.
So a I wrap this up with tear filled eyes, I want to say one last thing. I love you forever, Uncle Terry!! You were the best uncle ever. Thank you!

Poor Loki

Let’s preface this with a little background information..
Loki is what I call my car. Loki is a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2. I’ve had Loki ever since my 17th birthday. (Yes, I know. Not very long. But still, long enough to matter) Loki is my second vehicle. The first being an unbelievably fuel inefficient vehicle. Loki has been out of commission since October 2010, fall of my senior year. I was leaving school and stopped at a stop sign. Another car decided to not wait for a passing car on the highway and ended up getting the trailer attached to the car hit. The trailer swung around and hit my car, deploying airbags, and smashing the windshield. Luckily no one was hurt, just some bumps and bruises. (And one sprained thumb on my part) My car was considered ‘totaled’ by the insurance company because of it’s age, so my parents bought it back with intentions of fixing it. Well, life happens, and in my family that is some serious stuff. So fast forward three years, and I am getting it fixed for Christmas. So it was finally reassembled. I drive it for a week after Christmas, and all hell breaks loose within Loki. Loki needed some serious repairs. Well, still does. My father (aka my #1 mechanic) is working on it as I type. New coil, new plugs, and new filters. Awesome.
So as I part, I ask that you pray for Loki. (Yes, as a joke. You can’t honestly believe I am serious?!)


Yes. Haterz with a ‘z’. Because I am that cool!
People in life will hate you, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you just gave them a million dollars, they will hate you for not giving them two million. It’s a fact of life that you will always have haters. Always.
Sometimes people will wear a mask and act like your friend to your face. Then when you turn around, they talk smack about you to everyone they see. No, I’m not saying that I’ve never talked smack about someone, but it was never anything I wouldn’t say to their face directly. And as I’ve gotten older, I really have stopped talking crap about people. It just isn’t worth it.
This topic was sparked by a recent event in my life. Someone I used to hold very near and dear in my heart turned out to be one of my haterz. I found out they did nothing but talk crap about me day in and day out. To be honest, my name was probably in their vocabulary more than anything else. But I didn’t do anything about it. Just let it roll of my back. I’m an adult, that is what you do.
Anyway. For now, I will go. Sorry it has been so long. Full-time employment is a bitch. {But I do love my job, so it’s worth it}


So as I was doing my normal morning routine this morning, it got me thinking.. (When I get to thinking, my A.D.D really comes, apologies) Okay. So my routine in the morning is;
-Wake up (duh)
-Brush teeth and apply whitening strips to teeth (which are uber expensive)
-Wash face (using equally expensive face wash)
-Shower (where I use like five or six different products..)
-Blow dry my hair (again using four or five hair things {I have naturally curly hair, the products help the frizz})
-Apply face creams (Anti-wrinkle cream and serum for face and under eyes.. I am 20 people. Why am worried about wrinkles?!)
-Apply make-up (Lord, don’t get me started in that…)
-Get dressed
-Spray perfume/body spray (Can I get an amen for the ‘Smells like: Juicy Couture’ from CVS?!)
Yes. I do that nearly every morning except when I am sick. Do you realize how much product I use in just the morning?!?! At night, I add about three more things to that list. The cost added up over time is ridiculous. And just think, some women use more than I do..
Beauty companies have us all in lock-down. They have brainwashed us into thinking that what we have isn’t good enough. I’m 20 years old and I buy anti-wrinkle cream for myself.. But what is wrong with wrinkles anyway?! Wrinkles show people that you have lived life and enjoyed it. Yes, I have laugh lines. But wouldn’t you think those are good? Showing the world I know how to smile..? Nope. Not with the beauty industry. And I can rant on this topic because it has hoodwinked me too! I am genuinely mad at myself because I have fallen into the trap.. I pay at least $15 a month just for curly hair products. Products that all claim to do the same thing. And I honestly use the cheapest I can find. (I am not above buying Suave brand..) Walking through the hair care aisle, you can find $40 hair products. WHAT! There is NO reason that hair stuff (other than a haircut..) should cost that much money!!! Agh. I could rant for days.. (I would have to stop ranting long enough to apply my anti-wrinkle cream though..)
Our bodies are amazing. Everyone is different. That is what makes the world a beautiful place. But with the advertising and beauty world, people are all starting to look the same. (Have you ever watched ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’? Literally can not tell them apart..) Even though I’m mad, does that mean I am going to stop using make-up and let my frizzy hair fly free and burn my bra (woah. Where is that coming from?!)? No. I will still wear my eyeliner and mascara. I will still use my hair products. (I will happily wear my bra..) I will do all of this because I have been sucked into the vortex right along with everyone else. I just try to tell myself I haven’t been completely hoodwinked because I use less costly products.
Agh. Okay. I will be removing myself from the soap box.
(I actually have to go wash off my nightly mask and remove my whitening strip from my teeth.)
Told you I wouldn’t stop.

Some people..I swear

Some people are honestly horrible human beings. I know, I know. I shouldn’t be judging people, but the person I am talking about is honestly a horrible person.. So she deserves it.
Correct me if I am wrong, but if someone is married, you do not go after them in a romantic way, correct? I don’t know about you, but that is how I was raised is that you respect the sanctity of marriage. But I guess some people are raised by apes.
The most mind baffling thing about this middle aged woman, is that she does this ALL. THE. TIME. Basically if you have a male appendage and a wedding ring, you are fair game. (So wrong on so many levels..) That is what I call a grade-A SLUT. Sending pictures of your boobs (which are like mosquito bites) to a married man. Flirting with copious amounts of married men (WHO HAVE KIDS!!!!!!!!). SHAME ON YOU.
I honestly hope the person this is aimed towards reads this. You need to step away from the married men, honey. They are already busy.

Okay. Rant over.

Life is in FULL swing

Life is most definitely in full swing. Working like a mad woman. Spending copious amounts of time with my family. (which I will add that I thoroughly am enjoying) And to top it off, my clothes are fitting a bit looser these days. So all in all, I may be busy, but life is great.
People often take for granted having a busy life. Too many people want to slow life down. Not me though. I enjoy the fast paced life. Not really having a plan. Seeing your family more days than not. I don’t know. Call me crazy. But I love it. And when I say I am working like a mad woman, I’m really not. I work four days a week. Also overnights, so I clean and make sure the people I take care of are ok through the night. It isn’t hard work by any means, but I honestly love it. I love going to work and seeing everyone. Retail is shit compared to this new job.
Ok. I’m turning into A.D.D central over here. Maybe I should go.
Crap post. My apologies.